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Digital Advertising Edge: How Publishers Outshine Meta & Google in SME Market

Newspaper executives often discuss the digital advertising shortcomings of regional news publishers compared to global giants like Google and Facebook. However, I strongly disagree with this notion based on both theoretical and practical observations, supported by examples from small and large news publishers who have embraced competition and focused on their strengths.
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Navigating the New Landscape: Strategies to Elevate CPMs Amidst Declining Programmatic Revenues

Stock market valuations have dropped, signaling that the astronomical growth rates of 2021 were temporary rather than sustainable. While e-commerce will continue to grow, publishers are now facing reduced CPMs, particularly in programmatic campaigns, as the focus shifts away from buying revenue at any cost.
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How to scale digital direct sales in the long tail of local print advertisers

Local small and medium-sized business (SMB) print advertisers remain a significant revenue source for regional publishers. However, many publishers struggle to convert these print revenues into sustainable digital revenues due to the small size and limited online booking capabilities of these customers, coupled with the neglect from digital ad sales teams.
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Digital Breakthrough in Advertising: Kölner Stadtanzeiger Medien's Strategy to Convert Print-Only Advertisers to Digital Buyers

Kölner Stadtanzeiger Medien conducted an analysis of their regional advertisers' digital spending and discovered that while larger and local key accounts successfully embraced digital transformation, many small and medium-sized business (SMB) print customers were still not investing in online budgets.
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Digital Transformation at Scale: Somedia's Innovative Integration of Digital Components in SMB Print Advertising

Somedia, a Swiss news publisher, recognized the untapped potential of local advertisers in digital compared to regional key accounts. To leverage this opportunity, they introduced "Smart Ads," a solution that creates digital campaigns with integrated landing pages for print advertisers at scale.
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Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- June 2022

Advertising executives in the news publishing industry can find important news about making money with advertising online, offline, and cross-media. The news includes insights from the World Press Trends Report 2022, the resilience of print magazines, rethinking reader revenue, creating content for Gen Z, the rise of publisher audio revenue, and unlocking digital revenue from small print advertisers.
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Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- May 2022

Please find the most important news for advertising executives in the news publishing industry that want to make money with advertising online, offline and cross media
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Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- April 2022

Highlights of the most important news for advertising executives in the news publishing industry who aim to generate revenue through advertising across online, offline, and cross-media platforms with focus on the 333 nominations for the 2022 Global Media Awards published by the International News Media Association (INMA). To make it easier for advertising executives, the text presents the 7 best revenue generators from the list of finalists.
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Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- March 2022

Important news for advertising executives in the news publishing industry who are interested in generating revenue through advertising across online, offline, and cross-media platforms including research on native advertising, four drivers for scaling SMB display ads, the exploration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by News UK, the profitability of Condé Nast, and the launch of Apple News' daily local newsletter in the Bay Area.
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