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Advertising Insights

Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- February 2022

Important news for advertising executives in the news publishing industry who are seeking to generate revenue through advertising across various platforms including publishers focusing on their core products, prioritizing audio/video innovation, the increased display ad sales of local and regional newspapers during the pandemic, regional publishers using QR codes to promote video content, the advertising forecast for 2022, the revenue potential of events and sponsorships, and Google's initiative to pay regional newspapers in the UK for content.
Advertising Insights

Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- January 2022

The news publishing industry is growing despite the pandemic and market volatility. Digital advertising sales are expected to reach $179 billion in 2022. There has been an increase in new print-magazine launches, and online-only media like The Independent has seen significant profit growth. Local journalism is gaining importance, and The Guardian is enhancing its newsletters and introducing new topics. Print newspapers continue to decline, but community papers and magazines in the UK are thriving by focusing on local news and niche interests.
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Cost-Effective Strategies for Local Advertisers: Achieving Affordable Banner Creation in Digital Publishing

Lets discusses the importance of obtaining cost-effective banner designs and creatives for scaling local advertising with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and acknowledge the price sensitivity in this industry, particularly during the pandemic, and recognize the need to keep creation costs low in order to achieve a viable business model and return on investment.
Case Studies

Scaling Digital Advertising for SMBs: Overcoming Challenges in Banner Quality, Landing Page Optimization and Tool Complexity

Lets addresses three major challenges in local advertising, specifically in the digital realm. The first challenge is the price and quality of existing banners, with examples provided to illustrate common issues such as small images and unclear messaging. The second challenge pertains to landing pages, emphasizing the importance of optimization and a clear call to action. The third challenge revolves around the overwhelming complexity of available tools and formats, leading to inaction from advertisers and sales reps.
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Case Study: How Two Newspapers Turned Not Performing Landing Pages into a Profitable Advertising Channel

We will address three major challenges in successful local display advertising that need to be overcome to scale advertising in the long tail with SME customers.
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4 Reasons why we believe in the profitability and scalability of long tail SMB display ads

We want to address the publisher's curiosity regarding the emphasis on the long tail of advertising sales at "Smartico." Lets explain why we are so obsessed with the long tail and its revenue potential for digital advertising. The obsession is not solely due to the influence of web 2.0 or the success of Amazon but rather stems from four primary reasons. We delve into these reasons and highlights the significance of the long tail for publishers.
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Uniting Communities: Building a Local Crisis Marketplace for Support and Solidarity

Local advertisers are facing significant challenges due to the pandemic, making it crucial for local publishers to provide reliable information. To help, our platform has been developed, allowing private and company announcements to be easily published on publisher websites. Our platform supports local businesses, individuals offering help, and readers searching for relevant listings.
Case Studies

6 Great Local Advertorials as Marketplaces for Publishers to launch in 2021

Smart marketplaces play a pivotal role in the platform strategy of local publishers by enabling local merchants to engage in local e-commerce, offering relevant and shopable content for readers, generating subscription revenues through advertisers, and providing an intuitive sales product that excites sales teams.
Case Studies

Case Study: Wochenblatt Reporter's Use of Reporting Dashboards to Boost Digital Job Market Sales

Despite successful sales of online ads in their job market portal, there was a lack of transparency on digital performance for the sales team and advertisers. To address this, SÜWE implemented "Smart Job Board" from Smartico, which provided automatically generated dashboards for each job ad, showcasing performance values in an intuitive and clear manner.
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